Automotive Refinish

Our Automotive Refinishing knowledge is unrivalled in our industry, and the expertise we can pass to you will benefit your business enormously.

That’s why we have a range of services designed to support you in a forever changing industry. We combine quality and value with service to provide a superior refinishing service to automotive garages across the UK.

We can advise you about what is best for your business and your customers, taking a holistic approach to improve your refinishing services. We have a dedicated team of experts that have a wealth of experience, having worked within the automotive industry using the same products we now sell.

What you can expect is a first-class service from our experts, who will help you make informed decisions that will benefit you and your customers. Each solution we offer is designed to improve your performance and support your needs as a business.

These solutions include:

Product Selection

Getting value for money is at the essence of any business plan. We’ll optimise your business potential by helping you select the right refinish products that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

On-site training

Knowing your products is part and parcel for achieving great results. Our expert team offer free on-site training and workshops to keep you at the top of your game.

Full technical support

It’s comforting to know that when things go wrong, we’ve got your back. You have access to full tech support when you need it. Our team is always on hand to answer any questions you may have by phone, email or in person (Blackpool only).

Colour Matching

We can help you duplicate almost any hue or tone, using a comprehensive suite of colour tools that includes the latest in spectrophotometer technology.

As members of the Tidal Group we are able to offer paint systems from BASF including the Baslac 45 line and the RM Graphite.

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